Line Die Stamping

AutoForm-Solverplus rapidly and accurately simulates the entire stamping process including drawing and secondary operations as well as springback.

Drawing: All relevant parameters for the drawing operation are set up by AutoForm-ProcessExplorerplus. These parameters include single or double action presses, number of tools, drawbeads and spacers, constant or time-variable binder pressure, lancing cuts, regular or tailor-welded blanks, etc. AutoForm-Solverplus simulates the drawing operation and provides all the necessary results for its further evaluation.

Trimming: Engineers can easily define all trimming operations, including contour trims and hole cutting. To realistically reflect the actual process, different cam directions can be specified for each trim or cut line. The simulation of the trimming operation is carried out by AutoForm-Solverplus.

Springback: Updated material model, fine-tuning of the existing shell element, advanced contact handling and optimized mesh refinement are some of the latest technological achievements combined in AutoForm-Solverplus to ensure the successful calculation of springback problems. Springback can be calculated after each forming or cutting operation and the clamping order can also be taken into consideration.

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